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MCI Classic Charter September 14th, 2014

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Yes it will be the weekend of 13th 14th. I will post here when the charter order is confirmed. Waiting on confirming a driver, which may play into which day of the weekend it will be. As well ensuring that CT can accommodate our request on the day that we want. Hoping to have confirmation in the next week and a half.

Thanks again for all the interest, excited to make this happen!

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Steve and T6H...if u wanna carpool let me know I can fit 3 ppl as I am bringing possibly my gf

No worry, I will zip down myself, may stay down there late into the day. May also have someone with me.

I am confirming my attendance too BTW!!!

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Great to see all the interest once again!

I will take requests for photo locations, no promises that they will be made of course. Throw out any ideas you've got!

First post in the thread has also been edited to provide some more details.

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Here are some of my photo stop suggestions:


Comic Sans MS text=Morning suggestions

Lucida Sans Unicode text=Noon/Afternoon suggestions


-Rundle would be a good place to start like last time for the GM charter, however the lighting will be on the other side of the bus because it will be morning so the southbound side may not be a good idea. Northbound side is a great idea though

-Sometime in the morning, how about McKnight Westwinds (bus facing south, photos from left hand side of bus), posed as, say, a Route 445 or 71?

-Whitehorn in morning, northbound side, posed as Route 21?

-Airport bus area, bus facing east in the outside area, not under the roof, posed as a route 57

-78th Avenue terminal, bus facing east in the bus loop, posed as a Route 4 or 20

-As Tallis stated above, Tuscany station, east bus loop, bus facing the sun, posed as Route 169 or something. Station in background

-7th Avenue facing east, trains in background. Posed as Route 1, 9, 103, etc.



-69th Street station, bus facing sun, posed as Route 93, 94, 98, 452, etc.

-Richmond Terminal, east (southbound facing) bus bays, posed as a Route 6, 106, 111, etc.

-Bow Trail WB posed as 101 or 104, or maybe even 301.

-Somerset-Bridlewood station (WB Shawville Gate), posed as Route 14, 15 Bridlewood, 178, etc.

-Fish Creek-Lacombe station, Bus facing west in bus loop. Posed as Route 14, 15, 214, 215.

-Brentwood station (Brentwood road WB preferably), posed as Route 10, 77 Edgemont Loop, or even 299.

Just some suggestions. Hope some of my suggestions will come of use when the time comes to begin the route plan :)

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So in trying to figure out the routing there comes some decisions to make.

As Spruce Meadows is running a tournament the same weekend our charter is, Red Arrow will have it's MCI Classics and GM Fishbowls out running. However I imagine most people will be checking this out separately, as you should, because a 10-15 min. photo stop at the LRT Station they come into does not do the fleet justice and you will only see 2 or 3 buses, less than half of the buses that would be running.

So here is what I am thinking of doing, the furthest south the bus would go would be about Glenmore Trail. (Chinook Station and Rockyview Hospital are the two stops near there). This does mean the photo opportunity at Tuscany Station will be possible. A photo of an MCI Classic at this station would be a difficult thing to get as the station opens August 25th, so no photos of this even exist yet. It also means a couple more photo opps in the northwest parts of the city.

So what are the thoughts on not going to Somerset Bridlewood Station (where the Red Arrow fleet will be running from) during the charter? Remember, the charter ends by 3PM at the latest, you will have time to go and explore the fleet after the charter.

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