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'From the files of GM & GMDD New Look oddities'


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Seen at its company facility sometime in 1995 is fleet # 122 - a 1967 45 passenger GM Coach modeled as a TDM-4519 and one of three likenesses numbered from 121 to 123 operating for the Greenfield/Montague Transit Area (GMTA) of Greenfield, Massachusetts.

The oddity here is, of course, the very tasteful and professional updating of the lower portion of the front clip including more modern headlamp package and a shock absorbing water filled rubber bumper (it is very much like what GM might have done themselves to jazz up the New Look front end had they continued it in production).

Also of note are the sun shaded lights (one to either side of the destination sign) which were probably used in school bus operations and the full glass doors for safer turning ability.

BTW; I would say that #122 was still in pretty good shape at the age of 28!

GMTA served a route between the Springfield adjacent towns of Greenfield and Montague until 2006 when the Franklin Regional Transit Authority assumed the service as part of an expansion that included forty suburban communities.

Photo courtesy of 'windsor74' and is available on eBay as item # 371101554586.

Mr. Linsky - Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, New York


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I am unfamiliar with 'Paling' but I assume that with the added word 'refurb' it may be a bus rebuilder such as 'Blitz' is in the U.S. - can you give me more detail?

BTW; the location details in your profile description could just as easily be Manhattan, NY or Los Angeles, CA.!!

Many regards,

Mr. 'L'

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Paling Industries of Hamilton, Ontario, does have a history of rebuilding Fishbowls and marketing as the "Allouette". The distinguishing characteristics are the updated front and rear end clips, with the back of the bus resembling an MCI Classic. I've seen a few in my travels though I doubt any are in revenue service anymore.

Top photo from busfanplace.com, remaining photos mine:



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This information about Paling Refurbs is good (especially the Transcobec photos :) ), but keep in mind, the original post was not a Paling Alouette.

It was a Phoenix 1000 rebuilt by Midwest Bus Refurbishers. A sample of an advertising brochure is at:


A few properties in the U.S. had these buses. Two of the largest were Grand Rapids, MI and the shuttle service at the Grand Canyon, AZ.

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