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Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

MCW Metrobus

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Right now 7414 replaced 8101 on the final 159 round trip after she just got into Poco Stn on her last run for that block. 8084 continued and did the last 169 Braid Stn. That must have been a nice ride.

Do you think PTC has enough D60LF's do that ?

In 2013 3 of the 5 night runs on weekdays used D60Lf's. At that time there were less artics on the 97 and the 701. Living in the tri-cities they play around with the artic runs and used them for assignments optimum to demand between 97, 143, 160, 701.. Some sheets will have more artic runs than others on the same routes.

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Slew of orions all over the place today... thanks for the heads up NinjaBusFan

9237 on 402, 407


9212 on 401, 410; replaced by 7423


9283 on 104


9276 on 401, 410


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HAH I called it.

Chris should have posted in this thread. and we need to start reading other posts before making posts; we dont want to repeat information.

On another note, P14001 and P14002 should be in the shops at either OTC or PCTC since I didnt see them at OTC when I went there Sat.

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