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Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

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Alright people. For the greater good of the general population, by decree of Me, from this day forward, a new rule is in force.

Please post all "T-Comm sightings" in this thread.

This isn't an outright ban on any discussion of T-Comm anywhere else in the forum. A lot of you conspiracy theorists may be thinking that I'm trying to mastermind some draconian return to the long-lost era of waiting on street corners in the dead of winter, freezing our @$$es off, hoping against hope that some rare bus might show up and make our trip worth it. No, that's not the point of this rule.

Making reports based on what you read on the Internet is not being outright prohibited. Really what's at issue here is what constitutes a "sighting". I would prefer that the definition of a "sighting" be restricted to something you see with your own two eyes, likely during a trip you're making with your own two feet, or your own four wheels, or transit's six wheels, or however many wheels happen to be on the vehicle you're driving or riding. In other words, to make a "sighting" involves you getting up out of your swivel chair, putting down your smartphone, going outside, and using your eyes to look at something other than a glowing screen.

If you make a sighting that fits the above criteria, as in, you saw a bus (or train) with your own two eyes and feel that the general board population needs to know, or might want to know about it, post it in one of the sightings threads. As has always been the case, you are to use your discretion when deciding what to post, and which thread to post it in. If the bus you saw was in pieces, or it was missing a few wheels or a headlight, or maybe it was only half-painted, then chances are the bus you spotted was at BTC Fleet Overhaul, and it might make sense for you to post it in the Fleet Overhaul thread. If you spotted R3140 on the 491, then you spotted a Ghost Bus on a Ghost Route, meaning you should definitely post it in the special sightings thread, because there is no Ghost Bus Sightings thread yet. (Or maybe you should get some sleep, because you're clearly hallucinating.)

The same applies to sightings made by other people and then passed on to you second-hand. Again, use your discretion, because second-hand information is not always reliable, and you always need to consider the source. If your high school classmate usually rides a Nova to school on the 41, but yesterday his run had a D40LF, think about it before you decide whether the entire board needs to know, because the information you got might well be accurate, but is it really significant? If your cousin's college roommate said he saw a double decker bus numbered R4408 at UBC the other day, allow yourself to consider just how high he was when he went wandering off to the bus loop. If your grandma says she rode an old "BC Hydro bus" on Renfrew (no really! It was one of the old trolley buses from the 60s and it stopped and picked me up, and I rang the bell and got off!).... well, actually that did happen once, on a TRAMS tour, so scrap that example. But you get the picture.

These examples all have one thing in common. Someone used their eyes to obtain information from a source that did not require a glowing screen. So here's the deal. If your "sighting" does not fit that criterium (in other words, if you want to report something that you read on the internet), your sighting therefore does not constitute a sighting. From here on in, all such sightings will be referred to as "e-sightings" and shall be posted in this thread, and this thread only.

As with all rules like this, of course, there will be caveats. The most important one is this: discussion of T-Comm e-sightings outside of this thread is permitted only in the event that someone has already confirmed and verified the sighting with their own two eyes, and that does not include second-hand reports. Example: Member A posts in a sightings thread that he saw Bus X on Route Y, and Member B confirms its position via a T-Comm e-sighting. This practice allows real sightings to be verified by e-sightings, and vice-versa in this thread - if Member B posts an e-sighting in this thread, and Member A can verify it with his eyes, discussion may continue in either thread. In other words, cross-referencing is allowed. What I would like to do is shift any and all discussion that originates solely from a number someone reads on a screen, into this thread. We all saw what happened on April 1st, and in future I'd like storms of excitement like that one (i.e. all over nothing) to be contained in this teacup. (For the metaphorically challenged, the teacup is this thread.)

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Just post them here, my PM box is full from all the report-a-posts.


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A little far out from Skytrain to be a Skytrain shuttle. I think it was an overload on the 301, which would have been an option for SoF travelers avoiding the Skytrain debacle.

Could be as it seemed like it was pulled off from the 403. Darn, wished I was out to see that.

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A little far out from Skytrain to be a Skytrain shuttle. I think it was an overload on the 301, which would have been an option for SoF travelers avoiding the Skytrain debacle.

It was an OL for 301, he was following my friend driving 26/301 all the way from Brighouse. Should've seen the lineup on that day for 301, started from Bay 1 and wrapped around onto Cook, almost down to Bay 5 near Staples where the 402 terminates!


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Mmmkay. After finishing its block on the 49 tonight, The supervisors decided to swap R12008 onto R7423's block, presumably due to fireworks crowds.


Here's R12013 swapping with R7256

Same thing happened with R8053 taking over R7165's work...

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Something interesting...

They called P9220 to cover the rest of S7493's work this evening at around 7pm.



Also, I used Tcomm to find out that around less than half of the 2007 shuttles are still active. They should be all done by next spring I believe.

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