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Hi, I'm Metro Van Transit Fan or previously known as ninjakafi81 for the past couple years and I do YouTube Videos for fun. I live in Metro Vancouver Region or more in depth Surrey, BC. So my transit agency would be Translink. So you would see a bunch of Translink videos on my YouTube Channel and maybe even other transit videos from other transit agency's when I go for vacations. I would usually upload videos every 3 - 5 days and if not then sorry for the inconvenience. For that I'll make it up with 2 videos or maybe something rare.I pretty much got a video of every single kind of conventional bus you can ride here, except for shuttles. Also, if you guys want a video of a certain bus or a video on a certain route just comment below or send me a pm and I'll try my best getting a video of it ASAP ! The CMBC fleet roster and also West Vancouver's fleet roster. With that being said here's a link to my YouTubr Channel and a couple of my recent videos.

Various Translink Bus Take Offs + Short Random Clip

Translink 2000 New Flyer D60LF P8084 On Route 97 B-Line Lougheed Stn

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