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Luanda's Transit Authority (TCUL) - Angola

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The TCUL (Transporte Colectivo Urbano de Luanda) is the public transit bus company in city of Luanda, Angola. Founded in 1988, and is a public, state-owned company, depending by the Ministry of Transportation in Angola.

Has 40 bus lines in Inner Luanda, plus runs some intercity lines from Luanda to Benguela, Sumbe, N'Dalatando, Malanje, Uíge and Huambo.

The fleet size is of 300 buses, with plans to expand to 400.




This company uses some brazillian and chinese-made buses, like as you see in the pictures.

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Nice pictures, especially given the dearth of information about transit systems in Africa.

Giving some knowledgment in Board about African transportation systems (especially in the Portuguese-speaking Africa). I visited Luanda last year, and that I know of this needed bus increase is an effort to retire the importance of the collective taxis (called Kandongueiros) in this region.

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