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Fort Saskatchewan Transit

M. Parsons

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Thanks to the admins for approving my account; I've been chomping at the bit to share this! A while back, I made a Wikipedia page for FST, and got some info (and a logo) directly from the transit supervisor. I'll work on the CPTDB Wiki page later on as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Sask_Transit

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During yesterday's Committee of the Whole meeting, administration presented a report detailing how a complete switch from local fixed routes to a on-demand model could be executed. Service could be requested through an app, or by phoning a call centre. They claimed that this delivery model could be more efficient and cost-effective than fixed routes, and they cited the seemingly successful on-demand transit services in Cochrane and Okotoks. The major concerns raised by council members revolved around the absolute nature of this report: If FST did go with such a service model, it would completely abandon its fixed routes. All councilors seem to be in favour of offering an on-demand service to some degree, but most expressed a preference to use in conjunction with fixed routes, so that residents in under-served areas can be brought to those routes. Administration will continue to investigate on-demand service delivery, and the councilor who sits on the EMTSC board (Gordon Harris) will gather feedback from his colleagues. The earliest this new service could be implemented is 2022, and administration expects no issues with uploading this to the EMTSC once it assumes responsibility over local services (in mid-late 2022). However, Harris noted that the EMTSC board has not yet had any discussions regarding the potential delivery of on-demand service.

You can see the full presentation, plus councilor questions and comments, here.

This is FST's current route map.

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