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Any Fairfax Orion I's Preserved?


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Did any of the Fairfax Connector 1985 Orion I's (the agency's first buses ever) get saved in the years past 2007? These are units 7700-7732, with a 36-foot length. The powertrain on these 33 buses is a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine (they originally came with 6V71N engines) mated to the Allison MT644 transmission.

The last of these buses to have an audio recording was of 7703 (inside) and 7732 (outside), both recorded by Trevor Logan, Jr. in 2007 on the eve of these buses being retired. But did anyone record and/or film videos of these buses besides unit 7701 (which Chris Der made an audio of ca. 2004 that I don't want) and the two other units I mentioned earlier?

Thank you,

Ben Edge (ClassicBusFan81)

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