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Repower Gillig Phantom w/ 8V71N or 8V92TA?


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Is there anyone out there who tried to use an 8V71N or 8V92TA engine in place of the 6V92TA in a 1981-1986 Gillig Phantom?

The reason I'm asking this is because I know there actually were a few MCI MC-9 motorcoaches that used the 6V92TA engine originally and then later an 8V71N or 8V92TA is used as a replacement engine in those same coach(es).

But what I want to know is if anyone tried to do the same thing in a Gillig Phantom. And if anyone has done this, I'd like to know whether or not such a wet dream as this has been successful.


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I'm not sure if there was a Gillig Phantom that used an 8v92TA or 8v71N, but it seems to me that the Phantom can handle holding large engines with higher horsepower. Our Phantoms had 320hp (Buses using the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engines) and 330hp (Buses using the Cummins M11 and ISL).

Our first Phantoms had Allison B500Rs, which had to be modified to fit in the bus according to what I was told by someone who maintained them back then. So in short, it's possible for an 8v71 or 8v92 to be fitted into a Phantom from that era. I'm no big expert on that, yet, so don't take my word for it.

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