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Torrance Transit Gillig VINs


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New VINs to be added to these links:

http://cptdb.ca/wiki...om_%27N_VINs%27 (Gillig Phantom "N" VINs)

http://cptdb.ca/wiki...om_%27V_VINs%27 (Gillig Phantom "V" VINs)

http://cptdb.ca/wiki...or_%272_VINs%27 (Gillig Low Floor "2" VINs)

Here are some of those VINs, according to this source:


445: 15GCD0919N1084620

446: 15GCD0910N1084621

449: 15GCD0916N1084624

451: 15GCD091XN1084626

455: 15GCD0911N1084630

457: 15GCD0915N1084632

459: 15GCD0919N1084634

460: 15GCD091XN1084710

463: 15GCD0911N1084725

464: 15GCD0913N1084726

468: 15GCD2016V1088018

469: 15GCD2018V1088019

470: 15GCD2014V1088020

471: 15GCD2016V1088021

472: 15GCD2018V1088022

490: 15GGD271621072761


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