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M. Parsons

ETS Electric Bus testing

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21 hours ago, A. Wong said:

My photos tonight with a couple of them out on later runs - 8014 out until 2238 tonight and 8015 out until 2149.


The second or the fourth photo would make excellent submissions for photo of the month..

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8026 was delivered to Andrews today. The bus is in the blue livery.

With one of Andrews electric runs doing a half trip on the 3, I had time today to get shots of electric traction back in the Cromdale Loop. The diesel behind was a training bus.


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2 hours ago, Phillip said:

Looks like 8000 made it out today on a Saturday! 

Nice catch sir! Hopefully the first of many... after all we don't have that backup fleet of 1993-94 D40LF's to run on all of the weekend electric runs anymore :lol:

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Just like the trolleys days... Centennial has pretty much sent nothing on this week (like Mitchell was good for) and Andrews is doing something at least... 

In fact, the past two mornings have been impressive. 11 buses Wednesday, 12 buses Thursday. Alas, only 2 midday and nothing in the PM peak or into the evening.

None the less, they have been sending out buses from the second lot. 

From today:

8019 from the first batch.

8021 and 8028 from the second batch. 8021 with a "Lest We Forget" sign too. 

I was working on getting a shot of 8032, but, it never entered Belvedere on it's last trip.

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