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1979 MCI MC-5C Brochure


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Here is a picture for a 1979 MCI MC-5C specifications sheet. It isn't HQ and it was of an eBay auction that ended this past January.

I can make out from what I can read that the Allison MT644 was the only automatic listed for this (the HT740 was also available but via special order).



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Nice spotting this. I recalled seeing these in the 90s running for companies like Mears and Grayline Tours. Thanks to Youtube user, Marcos A. R., I found out the ones Mears used were powered with 6v71Ns and were formerly owned by American Bus Lines in South Florida.

GrayLine Tours also bought the Ex-ABL MC-5Cs and used them for their operations in Orlando and Broward County. I do wonder why ABL only kept the MC-5Cs for only 13 years. They didn't appear to be unreliable, though I did say the same about the Cametal CX40s and found out the second page to the story for those buses.

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