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VIN: Mississauga Transit Orion I's


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Here are some VIN numbers for the Mississauga Transit (MiWay) Orion I's, for all those who care.

1983 Orion I 01.504

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N

Transmission: Allison MT644

8401: 2B1129277D5459634

8402: 2B1129279D5460638

8403: 2B1129277D5461643

8404: 2B1129279D5462647

1984 Orion I 01.506

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N

Transmission: Allison HT747

8405: 2B1129273E5527834

8406: 2B1129276E5532851

8407: 2B1129277E5549948

8408: 2B1129273E5550949

8409: 2B1129273E5551955

8410: 2B1129273E5552961

8411: 2B1129275E5553965

8412: 2B1129275E5554968

8413: 2B1129271E5555972

8414: 2B1129271E5556975

8415: 2B1129273E5557979

1985 Orion I 01.508

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V71N

Transmission: Allison HT747

8501: 2B1169270F5001246

1986 Orion I 01.508

Engine: Cummins L10-240

Transmission: Voith D863.2

8601: 2B1169E7XG5001459

8602: 2B1169E79G5001453

8603: 2B1169E79G5001470

8604: 2B1169E73G5001464

8605: 2B1169E7XG5001476

8606: 2B1169E7XG5001482

8607: 2B1169E75G5001488

8608: 2B1169E71G5001494

8609: 2B1169E70G5001499

8610: 2B1169770E5000945 (ex-Orion demo, 1984; acquired by Mississauga Transit in May 1987)

1988 Orion I 01.508

Engine: Cummins L10-240 (8801-8824); Detroit Diesel 6V92TA (8825)

Transmission: Voith D863.2 (8801-8824); Allison HT748 (8825)

8801: 2B1169E7XJ5001842

8802: 2B1169E71J5001843

8803: 2B1169E73J5001844

8804: 2B1169E75J5001845

8805: 2B1169E77J5001846

8806: 2B1169E79J5001847

8807: 2B1169E70J5001848

8808: 2B1169E72J5001849

8809: 2B1169E79J5001850

8810: 2B1169E7XJ5001851

8811: 2B1169E71J5001852

8812: 2B1169E73J5001853

8813: 2B1169E7XJ5001856

8814: 2B1169E71J5001857

8815: 2B1169E73J5001858

8816: 2B1169E75J5001859

8817: 2B1169E71J5001860

8818: 2B1169E73J5001861

8819: 2B1169E75J5001862

8820: 2B1169E77J5001863

8821: 2B1169E79J5001864

8822: 2B1169E7XJ5001865

8823: 2B1169E72J5001866

8824: 2B1169E74J5001867

8825: 2B1169773J5001954

While I may have typed these VIN's correctly, double check all of them just to be sure.



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Anything with an L10 is coming back as natural gas for fuel type, and 8610 came back with a model year of 2014.

I certainly didn't check everything! Just a few here and there!

The 1984 demo (8610) likely had the 6V92/Allison at first (I changed the VIN number on it to reflect that), and when Mississauga Transit acquired it in the late spring of 1987, they put the L10/Voith in it. Because I found a link regarding Orion's letter to NHTSA dated 1989, and the L10 diesel engine wasn't used in an Orion bus until 1986, the very year Mississauga Transit ordered nine of their ten Orions with this engine.

We know it's the problem of the decoder that both "E" and "K" in the Orion VIN codes are recognized as a Cummins L10G. The "E" would denote the diesel L10 while the "K" would be the L10G.


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