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245-250 G29D102N4 51075142,5141,5140,5139,5143,5144

251-253 G29D102N4 61076056-6058

254-258 G27E102R2 71091342-1346

259-267 G27D102N4 91177354-7362

268-271 C21A S1085747,5754, ? ,5762 (ex CTran, 270 gone)

272-275 C21B S1085763,5764,5767 (ex CTran)

276-280 C21D S1085773-5776,5784 (ex CTran)

281-282 C18A P1085068,5668 (ex Mason County 802-803)

283-305 C21D102N4 X1089573,9572,9575,9578,9601,9604,9605,9608,9609,9603,9602,9557-9565,9569,9593-9594 (ex Sound Transit)

501-506 Opus 3W216206-6211

507-509 Opus 4W216254-6255

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