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Bay Metro Transit (MI)

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143-147 Orion II R6005874-5878 (143 gone)

148 Orion II R3005867 (gone)

149-155 Orion II R6005919-5925 (150 gone)

156-164 Orion II W6006053-6061

165-168 Orion II X6200007-0010

169-171 Orion II Y6200167-0169 (ex Hamilton OH 209-211)

201-203 G18D102N4 21072556-2558

204-209 G18E102R2 21090509-0514

210 G18E102R2 21090631

211 not used?

212-214 Thomas 71279172-9174

215-217 Thomas 81294234-4236

218-220 Thomas ?, 811003230, ? (218,220 gone)

221-224 G27E102R2 B1092217-2220

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