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387-390 G22D102N4 X1070689-0692

391-397 G22B102N4 X1070693-0699

398-403 G22B102N4 Y1070680-0684

404 G22B102N4 Y1071849

405-410 Opus - gone

411-424 G20D102N4 S1073506-3519

425-429 G20B102N4 S1073501-3505

430-444 G30D102N4 71078365-8379 (Hybrid BRT from here on)

445-449 G30D102N4 81078380-8384

450-456 G30D102N4 91176238-6244

457-460 G30B102N4 A1176598-6601

461-470 G30D102N4 B1180072-0081

471-475 G30D102N4 D1181351-1355

476-481 G30D102N4 D1181327-1332

482-486 G27D102N4 D1181322-1326 (BRT, NOT hybrid)

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