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PACE (Chicago) adds

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Add following to PACE roster:

6323-6376 2012-13 Eldorado Axess 40' transit

6377-6391 2012-13 Eldorado Axess 40' suburban (1 plug door, high back seats)

6392-6399 2013 Eldorado Axess 40' transit

6951-6963 2013 MCI D4000's

delete following - all now retired:

Orion 1's 22-2300's

NABI's in 2400's

Cutaways 0001-0005 renumbered 1951-1955, from Downers Grove to main fleet

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Some VINs for the PACE roster:

6323-6376 DC084023, 091-143

6377-6391 DC084144-158

6392-6399 EC084063-070

6951-6963 EP013182-13194

Nolan Kolmel

MBS Secretary

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