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GRT Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge 2014 Spottings.


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  1. 1. Transmissions for the 21400's

    • Alison WB-400R5
    • ZF 6AP1400B
    • Voith D864.5

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Can a moderator edit this thread accordingly? Sorry "BusesRock", but it isn't much of a good idea to post opinion polls for well-known facts on here. Members usually don't appreciate it if it's not relevant, as you've seen on the other threads. Not bullying either, by the way. There is a few fantasy transit threads on the "General" and "Transit" discussion areas though, you would like some of the stuff they do on it. I'd make some fantasy transit systems myself, but sadly, I can only do that with small towns and cities as I use Google Maps as my template for those. Anything bigger than Thunder Bay or Regina, and my entire map stops working...

And "2281", are 10-minute layovers rare in the GRT or something? :P or is it just poor transfer connections and stuff?

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