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TTC Nova Bus Delivery & Service Tracking

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This thread is about deliveries and enter service tracking of TTC Nova Bus.

Arrow Rd = Bright Blue

Birchmount = Orange

Eglinton = Dark Grey

Malvern = Dark Red

Mount Dennis = Dark Violet

Queensway = Black

Wilson = Vivid Yellow


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When does route 29 start running the Artics

There was information regarding the 29 getting LFSA's in the TTC Nova LFS Artic Order" thread. I guess it was much easier for you to use this thread to ask rather then to look at that said thread I had suggested.

Look at the proper thread before asking, please. I knkow you'll say, "I didn't see that information that thread and came here to ask." Well, I'll not reveal that info to you because of it, sorry. There are perhaps many a member on here who can vouch for this action I'm giving you. Find it for yourself, please. No info for you.

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