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1 hour ago, Marc said:

I've sent an e-mail to my city councillors asking the council kill this before it even starts.

Would like to know who's behind this sudden push and whether Lauri Stratton (ops manager who replaced Martin earlier this year) is behind it.

I wonder if they've factored in student requirements.

Person I know has a teenage daughter who goes to TASS.

She's now going to need to get three buses to get there and home and if there's no linking between the buses it's gonna be real fun.

Do these route planners in Peterborough not think one bit? It seems they cannot do their job properly if they are causing this much of a mess for the public then they need to lose their jobs right away.

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The Trent Express routes are operated by Peterborough Transit, so unless the Student Union expects to run a parallel service, I would assume the bus has to be operated by Peterborough Transit. In

Seeing as how the bus only debuted in the second half of 2018, there are only a few properties that have them in operation (Omaha, NB and Grand Forks, ND are two). I take it that the "crap" analysis t

Peterborough Transit has at least two new 2019 Nova buses in service. Spotted 7819 and 7919 in service on Sunday. Does anyone know if they received 3 this year as quoted above, or a different amount?

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5 hours ago, TTC 9701 said:

Do these route planners in Peterborough not think one bit? It seems they cannot do their job properly if they are causing this much of a mess for the public then they need to lose their jobs right away.

guess not.

The head of transit is a guy named Kevin Smith who's previous claim to fame was leading a review of the transit system for the city back in 2011.  One of the recommendations out his review was for the city to move away from it's hub based system.

The manager is Laurie Stratton who seems to be ex-Metrolinx/Go-Transit.  She replaced Martin Ward who was fired for reasons that no-one ever found out..


* edit*

Can't repost fully what I've received but any claims about this just being for covid-19 is BS.  These changes have been in the works for sometime but covid has just added to the issue.

By adding the terminals are Trent and Flemming it allows for more social distancing.  Maybe they should just require people to wear masks like on the TTC and not uproot the whole <bleeping> system.

Transit management is claiming it will improve services and there more people will be within 400m of a bus stop but that doesn't address the issue of them being able easily get to where they are going nor that major shopping facilities are no longer on regular bus routes.

There are also no Trent and Flemming Expresses at this point with the new routes.  So having all the buses go to those two locations makes up for the lack of express services but screws the rest of of.

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now hearing rumors that there are going to be cuts to the handivan service which can be be enough for people who are trying to get work and appointments, let alone fighting against those booking to go the mall (and you can bet there will be more of those thanks to the incompetence at the top).

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transit came up at last night's city council meeting with keith riel given city staff a blasting saying they didn't consult with anyone about the upcoming changes - something the staff reject.

Council has given staff 2 weeks to come up with a details on how they came up with the proposed routes etc.


of course in typical fashion the examiner gets things wrong.  There won't be more direct routes to the mall etc because they been taken off the regular routes and the hospital is already served by two routes (well between 9am and 4pm, 1 plus the community bus).

I'm still hoping the route changes will be cancelled and a few heads will roll.

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Peterborough transit is about to get an cash injection from the provinces and the feds for improvements.  The article is poorly written (but it's the examiner - that's the norm) with duplication and contradiction.




  • Six new replacement buses: Purchase of six new conventional buses to replace older ones in the Peterborough Transit fleet (at a cost of approximately $4 million).
  • Four new accessible buses: Purchase of four new accessible buses to replace older ones in the fleet ($720,000)
  • Two new Handi-Vans: Purchase of two new Handi-Vans to add to the fleet ($360,000)
  • 15 new accessible buses: Purchase of 15 new accessible buses, over the next three years, to add to the fleet ($7.8 million)
  • Refurbishment of eight conventional buses: Major refurbishment of eight conventional buses in the Peterborough Transit fleet, including replacement of major components such as engine, transmissions and passenger seating ($1.2 million)


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On 6/16/2020 at 10:55 PM, 2822 said:

Anyone know how many buses will be used for base service with the changes?

2 vehicles on the routes that span the entire city. One vehicle on routes  that only go to either Trent or Fleming.

Route 7 will have 2 vehicles, Route 7A and 7B will have a single vehicle, to my knowledge at least. Technology drive one bus obviously as well.

So can roughly expect 15-20 vehicles out at a time, not including handivan/community bus (community bus will be one to each route, same as it is now).

They've also said now that if they didn't do these route changes they would've axed the current system even further than they have already to stop it from bleeding money.

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4 hours ago, austin_medic said:

They've also said now that if they didn't do these route changes they would've axed the current system even further than they have already to stop it from bleeding money.

That's BS.

Once the drivers are behind plexiglass they could simply re-introduce fare payment.

If they want to go about the trent buses then they could simply restart the expresses but I doubt many would traveling to Trent (and Flemming) and last I heard there was still no guarantee that in person classes at either location would start in September.



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There might be times put in the schedule but I don't know how well they are being kept.

Went to catch a bus today for an appointment but ended up missing it because it ran early.  The nearest time had the bus scheduled for 3:20 and was about 2minutes from where I was catching the bus.  Walking to the stop, around 3:17 the bus goes sailing by.

Peterborough transit running early.  Who'd thought it would ever happen.

Councillor Keith Riel copped a spray in the examiner's editorial which I think was way off base and missed an important point

His comments about consultation related to the sudden changes and that there was no consultation or public feed back on the actual routes themselves before being implemented.

and transit is still pushing the BS line these changes were covid-19 related.


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Public works hasn't even touched the old stops, I think they lack confidence that these will stay like this for a long time lmao. Why tear them down when the citys gonna flip flop in 2-3 weeks times then you have to go out in the heat and put them all back up again.

Apparently the transit review will resume when convid is over and any route changes from that will be considered at that time. So they are really pushing this story that these changes currently are not permanent.

I always get asked why Im at stops 10-15 minutes early, and its because they ALWAYS run early. They have GPS on there to see what time they were past that area/stop, but nobody bothers to check if they were running early unless somebody calls and complains on them. Even then I doubt anything happens to the driver.

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City staff where directed to by council to prepare a report on how they came up with the new routes by the 13th which is next Monday.  Not sure how much time council will give to discussing it though.


There was also another letter in the examiner from a resident in the south end about how transit moving a stop has created a major safety issue.

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city council is proving to be utterly useless with the transit changes and seem happy to let the mess continue.


Crs Papas and Riel spoke out out about it last night but nothing is happening.


the line is is still being pushed that this is due to covid-19

laurie stratton was on chex  last friday night saying that transit had been getting calls from people congratulating them on the changes (at the same time I've heard from a reliable source that they're also taking the line that the only people who ring in the complainers and that the silent majority is happy with it)

the ones who see the problems the most are also the ones threatened with termination if they speak out.

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Council last night voted to Transit restore the stop outside of Brooklawn Hall on Donegal St.

Some councillors voted against it was micro-managing transit and that it should be up to staff to make the change.

Except it's pretty obvious that staff haven't listened.

Think also the are going to have an issue with the bus taking them nowhere.  Prior to the changes they were serviced by the Highland on the outbound.  The 3 - Park doesn't go to the terminal though they could detour the 4 - Well going McDonnell, Murray, Donegal, McDonnell.





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