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Just arrived from Peterborough today, all 6 new LFS units 55-60 were out in service. Rode unit 57 on the 2 Chemong. They seat 35 passengers and have the American Seating Insight seats. No rear window, plus a side and rear sign display if that hasn't already been mentioned. The Classics have pretty much been restricted to school specials, saw 30 and 35 out. An Orion VI (06) was also out on a school special as well.

So it is safe to say that the leased buses are gone for sure. Were there any other Orion's out?? The only ones I saw was 06 out all day then switched off to Fleming Express and 69840 on a TASS those were the only Onions out that day. 4 UTA classics were on the peak runs. I am guessing that the classics are next to go.

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The Trent Express routes are operated by Peterborough Transit, so unless the Student Union expects to run a parallel service, I would assume the bus has to be operated by Peterborough Transit. In

Seeing as how the bus only debuted in the second half of 2018, there are only a few properties that have them in operation (Omaha, NB and Grand Forks, ND are two). I take it that the "crap" analysis t

Peterborough Transit has at least two new 2019 Nova buses in service. Spotted 7819 and 7919 in service on Sunday. Does anyone know if they received 3 this year as quoted above, or a different amount?

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Should be at the public works water yard off of the highway.

They are doing construction in that lot now and all the buses that sat there for years are gone. 04 was sold off so I presume the others were too. 14 and 29 may be in another city yard, I'm not sure.

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04 was purchased by a private company to use as a road side advertising board. I can PM you the location if you want.

I drove by it actually; that's what gave me the idea to see if the rest were gone or not.
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Took a wander through the barns this morning. 05,06,07,08 are still there. But I noticed that the fare box in 08 was bagged, usually a sign of impending retirement. A few of the Classics had bagged fare boxes too, like 34.







Also there has been some talk about the new Novas (55-60), but no pics. So I grabbed a few pictures inside and out, of 60.





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Yes they they replaced them. Before then there was a shortage and 6 buses were leased due to the late arrivals of the 6 LFS's Attached photo shows Ex-Timmins 87 at Peterborough Terminal

So it used to be Timmins Transit as 87 Nee Santa Monica aka Big Blue bus But some People think This bus was Ex MTA NYCT MCI Classic with a Rear Door :)

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All the ELF busses are gone, or at least not in the yard. 158 is similar to the newer handi-vans in that it isn't a low floor. It is a high floor with a hydraulic lift at the right side, but at the rear behind the rear tires. It is a diesel. It has been around for awhile, but only used as a back up when one of the ELFs was broke down.

All the newer hands-vans (159 and up) are gas powered V10 motors, apparently the diesels have been problematic.

If you want pictures of 158, let me know I'll grab some if it is still there.

Btw, where did you see it for sale?

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