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1996 Orion V retirements


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No I am not.

I can go onto the Wikipedia page right now and edit it to say they will retire on March 32, 2015. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can edit a Wikipedia page, and the information does not have to be truthful. This is why pretty much any teacher will say that Wikipedia is not allowed as a reliable source for a project.

March 32nd doesn't exist. And I doubt they'll be around after 2015-03-31.

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So the last day of the Vs to be in service (1996 batch) is I assume tmrw?

Are you assuming this based on the service summary and new board period?

Because I think that's got nothing to do with it. 7013 and 7123 go as soon as any one of the following happens:

  • there are enough working hybrids to cover service requirements
  • their MOT expires (which is not mid-month)
  • there's a major breakdown or other issue with the bus

Note that all but the MOT can happen today, or next week, or....

Whoosh. :rolleyes:

The sound of an Orion V outaccelerating a hybrid on 199? :)

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Both decommissioned.

7123 being pushed out the door by our tractor, 7013 idling away it's last sips of fuel. Taken yesterday.

7123 is the one nearest to you, 7013 is in the middle, but which Orion V is peaking out behind 7013?

And welcome back :)

I want to show my gratitude to those people who designed and built the Orion Vs and the people past and present who took care of them at Malvern and other temporary divisions. I love everything about them. Inside, outside. It was an honour and a pleasure.

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7106 should be safe on the island till sometime in June.

So 7106 MOT expires end of June?

How much running does it actually do on the island?

I expect the chances of it going out for a run once it's back from the island are very slim.

Now only 6 systems only remain with the V.

You're including the TTC in your count, right?

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The island assignment is actually busier than one might think. It's used all day, Monday to Friday , transporting residents and employees and anyone else there, to be honest, between ward's island and hanlan's point.

Basically makes the trip for every daytime boat arrival, so that's half hourly?

Not sure on the exact boat schedule.

Bus is very often full seated loads, and the bike rack is used almost every trip.

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