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Willco Transportation Ltd.

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1 hour ago, JK-from-YYC said:

I spotted something that matches that description on my way home today, I was wondering if it was new since the paint was still shiny. It went by on Country Village Road heading away from North Pointe.

Very likely to be the same unit. The one I spotted was on Sarcee Trail near Beacon Hill at about 3:40PM. 

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It appears Willco has picked up a few more used buses.  Spotted #433 yesterday afternoon, a Blue Bird Vision 12 row unit. I did not get a good look at this one so I am not sure what the age is on this one. Before that, the highest 400 series I had seen was #429, also a Blue Bird Vision.  Keep your eyes out for #'s 430-432 as they must be around now too!

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On 9/28/2022 at 10:32 PM, School Bus 101 said:

Spotted what looked to be a very new 48 or 54-passenger gasoline-powered Bluebird Vision. Did not catch a fleet number, but it has tall tinted black framed windows, a rear spoiler and LED lighting. 

Spotted it again today, and this time I had my camera with me! It's a 54-passenger body and is numbered 313. 

313 - Willco.jpg

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