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Cetnral Midlands RTA (Columbia, SC)


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Columbia is South Carolina 's state capital, and Central Midlands RTA (CMRTA) is its transit agency. It has a long-standing fleet of Blue Bird CSRE's in three sizes (40ft. in the 400-series, 35ft. in the 300-series and 32ft. in the 200-series), as illustrated by buses 409, 312 and 205 respectively.


Their latest purchases, however, represents a sharp break in their fleet policy, as the latest 300-series buses are their first-ever low-floor buses. These New Flyer D35LFR's, as represented by bus 325, carries a roof (HVAC?) pod towards the front of the bus. Can anyone explain if this is a EPA-2010 related feature or just a customer option? Thanks!


All pictures were taken on December 2011 near the downtown transit center. Hope you'll enjoy my shots in my CMRTA gallery!

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CMRTA was officially re-branded to The COMET - Central Midlands Transit in early 2013. With the name change came more service, better frequency on routes, and more hours of available transit.

Fleet wise the system is currently comprised of 2002 Bluebird CSRE in 30', 35' and 40' lengths, 2010 New Flyer D30LFR, and various cutaways.

Unfortunately there are no fleet numbers in the fleet list attached. Basically though it appears to be

2xx (201-207?) 2002 Bluebird CSRE 3204

3xx (301-314?) 2002 Bluebird CSRE 3408

3xx (318-325?) 2010 New Flyer D35LFR

4xx (401-410?) 2002 Bluebird CSRE 3904

I have observed #'s 315 and 412 on the tracker, so I'm not sure how accurate my guess is on the numerical roster. (Although those could be cutaway units)

Differences in the fleet from when Buzz visited in 2011 are mainly the addition of The Comet wraps to the D35LFR. I also observed a few cutaways in wraps as well. I suspect that is simply the new livery going forward. Note, on 503 I'm assuming it's one of the 2014 Starcraft/Ford units, if it's actually a different manufacturer though let me know.

16729786162_88057f3262_t.jpg 16729642721_8e4fd4fc92_t.jpg 16544742389_ee7bc0f57e_t.jpg 16110903763_7df0e7cb6c_t.jpg 16729644771_46aa35d09b_t.jpg 16544742759_ef77ee099e_t.jpg 16543441210_6f435c7677_t.jpg 16544744579_e0f57dddc9_t.jpg 16543444510_3bc03c799a_t.jpg 16730858325_72418e01d8_t.jpg

EDIT: The picture links weren't working, thumbnails were reposted. Also here is a link to the photo set: Central Midlands RTA: Vehicles

Enjoy :)

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