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Utah Transit Authority (Salt Lake City)

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Roster additions since 2001:

0101-0151 Gillig model G22D102N4

0161-0171 Gillig model G22B102N4

04001-04015 MCI D4500 4P056314-6328

05001-05033 Optima LFB-29 5W216271-6303

05051-05070 MCI D4500 6P056995,6996,6998-7000,7002-7004,7006-7008,7010-7012,7014,7015,7017,7020,7022

06001-06031 Gillig G21D102N4 61077707-7737

06101-06110 Optima LFB-29 6W216354-6363

07001-07034 Gillig G21D102N4 71077989-8019,8022,8020,8021

07041-07045 Gillig G21D102N4 71078023-8027 Suburban

07051-07059 Gillig G21B102N4 71078691-8699

07081-07092 MCI D4500 8P058134-8145

08101-08110 VH A300L 82064527-4536

09001-09042 Gillig G21D102N4 91079847-9888

09051-09055 Gillig G21D102N4 91079889-9893 Suburban

09091-09095 MCI D4500 AP059256-9260

09101-09104 VH A300L A2064879-4882

10001 Gillig G27D102N4 91176432

10002-10037 Gillig G27D102N4 A1176433-6468

10051-10070 Gillig G30D102N4 A1178637-8656 Hybrid

11001-11030 Gillig G27B102N4 B1179822-9851

12001-12031 Gillig G27D102N4 C1179782-9812

12041-12049 Gillig G30D102N4 C1179813-9821

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Here's some more to add:

13001-13010 Gillig G27D102N4 D1182345-2354 CNG

13031-13044 Gillig G27D102N4 D1182651-2664 CNG

13051-13052 Gillig G27B102N4 ?-?

14001-14020 Gillig G27D102N4 ?-?

15001-15023 Gillig G27D102N4 ?-? CNG


If anyone has the serial numbers for the last three series of buses, please let me know.


Nolan Kolmel, Secretary

Motor Bus Society

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