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what is the minimum age to get into OC Transpo as a bus operator or garage attendent or mechanic

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hi there my name is Ibrahim I'm 18 years of age I'm really interested in getting into OC Transpo as a garage attendant then eventfully a bus operator I have a GZ license, do I need any other classifications to get in?

First off, welcome to the board.

Second off, you have a way better chance at getting into OC Transpo as a bus operator over a garage attendant. One requirement for both jobs you need is a high school (Grade 12) diploma. However for the bus operator, you need 5+ years of driving experience (G1 and G2 years are included in this), as well as 3 years of customer service experience. You need to maintain an demerit point-free record to be considered for both jobs.

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you need a C license in order to operate a bus.

Some time ago, I was told that I needed to be eligible to get a CZ license in order to get a bus operator job at OC Transpo, but they would handle the driver training. Is that still the policy or would someone need to have a heavy-vehicle license in advance in order to be accepted?

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I believe(someone correct me if I'm wrong here)you also need to be at least 21 years or older of age.

Well that was kinda a "Go figure" aspect of the job. The youngest you can have 5 years of driving experience (given they will not give you a license until you are 16 years of age) is 21. So basically yes, it's not officially 21, but it's one of those "Go figure" requirements. It's one of the tricks to applying is to figure that stuff out.

Also I want to make one thing clear, you DO NOT need a C license at the time of applying. OC will train you for that. It will help however, but they care more about your customer service background at the time of applying. You also do not need a Z endorsement at the time of applying, however you must get it before your first day of training since OC will not train you for that.

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