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History in Kitchener/Waterloo's Transit Systems

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I have friends from Kitchener, so this really intrigues me. Any pics from the 1970s towards 2000 before the merger?

Here are some old photo's (links) from Kitchener Transit days, I miss how everything used to be !





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I found this on a wordpad file on my computer, which was saved off an old Kitchener Historical website which probably no longer exists.... I am not sure who wrote it or who owned the website, but here is what I had copied and saved regarding route 12.

"One of the oldest abandoned routes that I remember is the Route 12 Rosemount. Before the current 12 headed for Fairview Mall along Kitchener's west side, the Rosemount bus traversed some of Kitchener's oldest and most established areas, just east of Downtown. It traveled on Cameron and East Ave, Krug St. and Sherwood Dr. and finally the neighbourhood and street of Rosemount itself. If one drives around that area today, you can still see many of the old bus platforms, either abandoned or taken over by the Routes 1 and 8B, both of which now travel over parts of the old Rosemount route."

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