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Model and RC Airplanes


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I had no idea this thread existed :o !! Being as I have been collecting (quite avidly) for over a year, thought I would share some of my purchases

In this photo, 2 Gemini Jets Royal 757-200', Gemini Jets Transavia 737-700w, Gemini Jets United 757-200w (most recent purchase) and Gemini Jets American Airlines 737-800w






Next up, are 3 AeroClassics Air Canada Zip 737-200's and a Gemini Jets WestJet 737-700w


One of my favorite photos, and the model that has helped me most when I was making my display, a Dragon Wings Delta Airlines 737-800


Wide shot of my display, containing the AeroClassics Zips, Dragon Wings Delta, a Gemini Jets American Airlines 757-200w and a Gemini Jets Delta/ASA ATR-72



A photo, just to show size comparison, between a Gemini Jets Continental Express ATR-42 and a Dragon Wings Iberia Airbus A340-600


Most of my collection is 1:400 scale, but I also have about 10 models in 1:500 as well. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and I'll add more periodically :D

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I have a small collection of model airplanes that has been accumulating in my room for about a year or so. Mostly 1:400 models, some 1:200 ones. Many were gifts from friends and family, which means I got many of them for free. But here it is:

BETA Cargo B707-323C Freighter (Gemini 1:400):

Royal B757-200 (Gemini 1:400):

Condor DC-10-30 (Gemini 1:400):

My largest Gemini model, American (OneWorld livery) B757-200WL (Gemini 1:200):

LTU L-1011-500 (Herpa 1:500):

And last but not least, what is by far my favourite model that I currently have. Apollo 1:400 LOT B767-300ER. Christmas gift from a friend!

In addition I also have a collection of plastic 1:200 models, most of which are from SkyMarks, including a Lufthansa A340-600, Condor B767-300ER, Airbus A380 in house livery and AA B747-100.

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This thread is awesome! I've been collecting for over a year now and have around 85 models. (Considering getting rid of a few of them) But just added these to the collection:

MALEV - Hungarian Airlines Tupelov TU-154B-2 in Old Livery by Phoenix Models

Icelandair -  Helka Aurora Boeing 757-200 1/200 Scale by Gemini 200.

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This has been a weird year for me in collecting stuff, 6 model planes in 4 months when in the past it was like 1 plane every 2 years, Here are my 1:200's reshot:




















Images with a * are from the past few months


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Since I cannot post this on Facebook due to the competition / demand for these models, I'll show it here.

I have over 250 models but I have been focusing on the now defunt Malév - Hungarian Airlines. This is my display of both 1/200 and 1/400 scales. There is 21 in display with three more 1/200s on the way by the end of 2021. I'll probably be moving them to another shelve to accomodate the rest. I also have one custom 737 in 1/100. Some of the 1/200 are the size of the 1/400s! 



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