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New Edmonton buses for 2013

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T'was proven quite some time ago on this thread: http://www.cptdb.ca/...ic=15434&st=180

The usual Initial ETSrumours Bull*** about having the a/c removed, more "rumours" posted as fact, despite many posts to the contrary

Some foaming fanboys insisted otherwise though... :(

So picture proof was provided in post 191 on July 9th

Why we have 2 threads remains a mystery.... :wacko:

2x confirmed!

Someone does have a poor memory and lack of common sense that drags the thread on and on and on............

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Any rumors of new buses for 2014?

According to council documents, no more replacement buses until 2016 are planned. Growth buses are usually a separate budget item however, and I guess that won't be revealed until the budget deliberations over the next 2 months.

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