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2013 Garage Transfers / Storage Reactivations


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From another group. 8002, 8003, 8004, 8006 and 8011 are all in STC. Better start fanning 1998 D60LFs in BTC before they're gone

Good. Last Thursday I rode the 8006 on the 99

Are all the 1998 D60LF going to transfer to Surrey Transit Centre plus the first two of 1999 D60LF?

Read my above post. The XDE60s are forcing RTC to give up some of their D60LFs.

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I honestly think PoCo has never had enough D60LFs. Their use on ANY of their articulated routes (97, 143, 160, 701) has been inconsistent at best, with all four of those routes getting a mix of artics and standard 40 footers at almost all times.

Quick tip though, if you want to ride a D60LF on the 97, your best bet is to take the 97 on a Saturday.

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From Flickr discussion:

Did any of you guys in Richmond see any '98 D40LF's with S prefixes woking Richmond routes?

According to the Flickr Discussion, we have


at STC.

I guess We better start documenting the last days of the '98s in Burnaby. There's only 12 left.

Add 8009, it has not been in service the past week, its probably with the others.
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