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My local agency used to run MAN coaches when they attempted to get into the American market, so the MAN Americana 40 ft.and the MAN SG220 articulated bus are among my favorite models. I loved the way the gearbox sounded on those coaches.

The D40LFs that they run these days sound vaguely similar with the Voith transmissions.

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The 63xx Orion III's (the later one's sounded different)

Coolest sounding bus ever.

I may not have liked the Orion III/Ikarus 286 buses OC Transpo ran--they were rolling greenhouses with the sealed lower windows--but I sure miss the sounds of the engines. The Cummins NHHTC engines on the older buses or the 6L71TA engines on the newer ones are sounds I may never hear again, though the Cummins ISM sounds something like the NHHTC. Hard to believe I'm actually getting nostalgic about these buses.

BTW, I did like the ex-TTC buses as the sliding windows allowed for decent air circulation in the summer.

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My favourite bus model would be the C40LF. Ever since I rode them couple times I instantly fell in love with them. They were the most unique buses in our fleet with the SS50+ Voith combination and also we had "A" SS50+B4OOR and 6 C gas + and Voith combination. Every aspect of the bus was great except the fact our C40LFs were very underpowered. But I don't care more time riding the bus. I just wished Translink didn't have to convert them to diesel but oh well life moves on. Other bus models I like are our C40LFRs,D60LFs,DE60LFRs, and E40LFRs.

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My favourite high floor transit buses are:

1981-83 GM New Look T6H-5307N (and the suburban version) with Detroit Diesel 6V71N + Allison V730. When I was a kid, I loved the seats on those buses, along with the sound they made. Unfortunately, they were already retiring in Montréal.

1995 Nova Bus Classic TC40102N with Detroit Diesel 6V92TA + Allison VR731-D. Smooth ride, just like the New Look.

My favourite low floor transit bus is:

Nova Bus LFS. Depending on the operator and the year, the LFS can be a very good bus for a passenger like me.

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Let's see, I've got a whole list. :P

1. Gillig Phantom

2. New Flyer D40/D60


4. GMC New Look

5. Flxible New Look

6. Flxible Metro

7. New Flyer D40LF/D60LF

8. Orion I

9. Neoplan AN440/AN460

10. MCI 102A3

11. Orion V

There are so many more to choose from, but these are the ones off the top of my head. Also, I have never seen a GM, MCI, or Nova Classic in person, so I have no experience with those.

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First place to TTC's 1981 Flyer D901 buses.

Second place to TTC's 1996 Orion V buses.

Not ridden enough: TTC's 1991 Orion V buses.

Some GM New Looks were pretty good, but I'd rather be on any of the above.

edit: I'm thinking about trolley coaches now, hmm....

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Favourite bus

Orion I

Orion V









Nova Classic never seen one in person


Nova LFS third gen/fourth gen



Dislike buses



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