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Vintage TTC and GTA transit system photos thread


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I added this to Vintage OC Transpo, but this also would be of interest here. The latest issue of Transfer Points got ne thinking of this  Charles Lahickey photo from July 11, 1979, along Queen Street, Gray Coach Lines 1412 alongside PCC 4412. Note the what looks to be an OC Transpo Teletranspo  RekVee Clubcar in the opposite direction very far from home. If there is any doubt the bus is an OC Transpo unit, the fleet number appears to be 9769--97** series number of these buses. I seem to recall reading that because the RekVee buses were owned by the province they often got shuffled around to different agencies i.e. a Kingston Transit RekVee could find itself in TeleTranspo service and vice versa. Or could TeleTranspo buses ever find themselves doing charter work? 

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