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Come one come all, share with us your memories and photos of your experience with TTCs iconic GM bus fleet that in one form (model) or another serviced the streets of Toronto for 50 years!

Tell us of great or not so great moments you've had. Even better show some photos of it if you have them. Post old photos you've dug up from old shoe boxes, slides, even library microfiche. Just don't claim that they are your own if they are not.

All posts from the line below to post 64 in this thread have been moved from the TTC GM Retirements Watch thread.

I've decided to put together a collection of sample photos that will be part of several photo sets I'll get posted someday.

This photo set I put together shows how the idea for the replica rollsign came about that many of you saw in the last few months of service provided by GMs. Some of you who have spoken to me in person may already know, but have a look anyway, there are some descriptions in the photos from the first to the last that make up the complete story.


The 52 Lawrence Rollsign


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I have countless dates to go through in my back log of photos. I make no promises, but I'm going to try to post a set or two ever few days. Here is 2252 a few weeks (maybe days) before it was sent off to the Island. I always liked having a bus number that had some relation to the route number I was driving. 2258 on 58 Malton for example. So here you can see I took a photo of the 52 in the Lawrence destination sign to compare it to the 52 of the bus number.



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I like the top view, I remember watching them as a kid in a building, but higher up looking down at those buses. Nice pictures!

Thanks. I surely do miss driving them. Here is the well known 2281. I had an opportunity for some pre-shift photos as a 191 Rocket. 2281 was one of the GMs that lived up to the name rocket.

2281 - 06/03/2011


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Another installment, here is 2459 from May 26 2011. I did some pre-shift photos as an 89 Weston, then I stopped by the cemetery on The Westway near Royal York. I put up a FUNERAL sign with plans of posting the photos prior to retierment as a sort of "soon it really will be a funeral for these buses" kinda thing. However my back log of photos occurred and several plans did not come to fruition. Never the less it's still a fitting photo.

2459 05/26/2011


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Thanks for sharing these great photos with us!

You're very welcome.

8970 at Lawrence West Station after a long trip in from Malton on 22 November 2002:

Great photo, it's always good to see a shot with the original number.

Here is a small (only 5 pics) update. I originally had 2472 on 52 Lawrence on May 31st 2011, but it sprung a coolant leak EB at Duval Dr. I was fearful I would receive a hybrid as a replacement but thankfully I was given 2345. A had a few moments to snap some shots around the corner on Benton Rd. before departing for my schedule, so I signed up as a 59 Maple Leaf and as I took the photos baking in the heat, a thought occurred to me about people complaining that TTC's GMs didn't have air conditioning. so I decided to demonstrate that it's not true.

2345 05/31/2011


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I've finally got another set prepared from my back log. Here is 2340 after receiving a special clean like no other it has received in it's career I'm sure. This was done to prepare it for display at the June 2011 Bus Rodeo. The wheels were Armor-Alled Lemon Pledged (thanks busmedic) and even the dash was void of dust!

2340 06/10/2011


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