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Spruce Grove Transit

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On 2/2/2017 at 8:12 PM, M. Parsons said:

Spruce Grove Route 562 service starts on February 13. We should see the XD's in service at that point.

Clarification! Is 561 and 562 serviced by ETS or Spruce Grove buses? 

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There will be 3 Spruce Grove XD's out of Mitchell. The way things were worded before, the Spruce Grove buses will be used on the 562. However, I suspect they could turn up on any Spruce Grove route. Apparently the other 3 XD's will be here in the next few months at which point most Spruce Grove runs would be with their own buses.

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First day of expected use of Spruce Grove's buses and it's been interesting...

6901 and 6902 came out for the morning 562's, pretty much as I expected. The 560 and 561 had their usual assortment of regular ETS highway equipped buses.

This afternoon though, it was all ETS buses on all Spruce Grove runs. I did see a Spruce Grove XD moving around inside of Mitchell about the time the 562 should have been pulling out, but, instead 4822 ended up on the run.

Since I've actually been studying the Spruce Grove schedule the last day... It's worth noting that with the 3 routes now, Spruce Grove needs 7 buses (3 560, 3 560/561, 2 562). I believe currently they only plan to have the 6 40' buses.

6901, first 562 into Edmonton at South Campus this morning.




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