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From John T. Gamble:

18101-18290 2018 NFI-XN40s FOR CED (190)

19101-19210 2019 NFI-XN40s FOR CWD (210) = (300) expected to be completed next year in summer 2019

The proterra order is on hold and hasn’t gone up for recommendation for approval of BCC.

MDT is the king of last min decisions all I know is that CWD is catching the tail end of the 300 bus order

They originally left NE out because they of the location the connection line ect it was slated to get a CNG facility later on


NE will be getting CNG soon since commissioner Jordan pushed for it the folks from Trillium was touring the NE facility to see what they have to do but they be getting it eventually 



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Miami-Dade aims for another fleet of CNG buses

A second series of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses #19101-19210 in the process of delivery could arrive in Miami-Dade by September 2019 to replace its aging 1999-2004 NABI 40-LFW.02/17 Gen.1 Metrobus fleet, adding to 300 buses already ordered.

County commissioners Dec. 4 amended an item directing Mayor Carlos Giménez to issue a purchase order for buses through a Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority contract to allow the county to shop for better price and quality options from contracts nationwide.

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