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Advanced Technology Transit Bus (ATTB)

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Hello, as many of you know, the LACMTA has a giant collection of NABI 45C's and about 20 40C LFW's, which are made of composite material. However, NABI wasn't LACMTA's first compobus option, it was Northrop Grumman. I posted this on the Los Angeles MTA thread already, but I think posting this here was a good idea too. Only a small batch was made but Imagine if this was everywhere today...


On the left, you'll see the difference


Close up


Passenger side


Collision Testing


Engine: Detroit Diesel series 30

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Ahhh, ill try to fix that right now, thanks for telling me that

*edit at 6:56 , links should work now, my apologies for any inconvenience :(

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