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GRT Fares Raised

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I would imagine they would. At least they didn't increase it to $3.00, there was talk back during the PICs back in November of doing so.

I can't see ridership being affected much though, $2.75 is still a low amount compared to other transit systems. Not to mention a majority of the riders (students) wouldn't be affected much; I haven't heard anything about the UPASS money going up.

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Regional council has voted to raise GRT fares from the current $2.50 to $2.75. The change in price will take effect in July. Video of the news is at http://swo.ctv.ca/?video=604187. The video does not mention if the other non-cash tickets/passes will increase in price.

I believe Council simply voted to raise fares by 9%, without any details about which fares would be affected and how. This was not a staff recommendation.

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Well, get ready to keep seeing fares go up.

Quoth The Record:

In the most contentious part of the decision, regional council voted separately 9-6 to hike Grand River Transit fares by nine per cent in July. It’s part of a plan to continue hiking fares until riders pay one-half of transit costs.

Riders currently contribute 38 cents toward every transit dollar spent, well below many other cities. Taxpayers contribute 62 cents.

That means that revenues from fares would need to increase by almost a third. And that's without increasing the cost of operations. If the only solution is to raise fares, then GRT is in trouble, because increasing fare costs will also decrease your ridership.

On the other hand, a 38% farebox ratio is pretty weak. So what is GRT doing about it besides raising fares? I haven't heard of any mention of reduction of expenses.

Also, what happened to fare raises every two years?

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Will the increase in fare cause anyone here to stop using GRT? I don't think so. Poor service may, in combination with raised fares, but not just raised fares. It is just the easy thing to say: increase in fares will mean less users of transit. What are the alternatives? Walk or bike in the winter? Take a taxi? Buy a car (students)? All still more difficult and expensive than taking a bus.

People transition into being and not being transit users a fair bit -- fares affect people on the margin of transit / other modes. A substantial fare increase will help convince people to get a car who were considering doing so, or take up biking. It will also decrease the appeal of taking transit for those who currently don't. Considering that the Region seems to like its ridership growth, this is a problem. There are people who are willing to take transit to work, but not when it's both slower and more expensive than gas and parking.

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