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History of Winnipeg Transit

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It took me about four hours to scan 62 more timetables dated between 1957 and 1963.  Here's a couple more: Grant_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Academy_Rd_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf University_Bus-1960_J

A few more 1957-1963 era route pamphlets... Archibald_Dawson_Rd_Bus-1960_Dec_19.pdf East_Kildonan_Trolley_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf North_Main_Bus-1960_May_16.pdf Transcona_Bus-1963_Sep_

Still working my way through posting the scanned 1957-1963 route pamphlet collection.  Archibald_Dawson_Rd_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf East_Kildonan_Bus-1962_Apr_15.pdf Portage_West_St._Charles

Posted Images

1 hour ago, LilZebra said:

Does there exist a Winnipeg bus route simulator  route like Train Simulator?

I bought TS 2021 as a Christmas present for myself this year.

It'd be nice to drive these routes as they were back in the day.

Apologies in advance for the off-topic... I have been lurking here for a while and I can answer this question.

The best bus simulator available is OMSI 2, but it is 95% European content. If you are looking for an excellent driving simulation and are willing to try foreign cities/buses/routes then I highly recommend it. Just be warned that the learning curve is very steep and it is far from the most polished piece of software out there.

The possibility is there if anyone ever wanted to make a Winnipeg specific mod for it, however I imagine that would take many hundreds of hours of work.


@DavidW -- many thanks for posting those scans. My parents lived in Winnipeg around that time and needless to say they enjoyed the trip down memory lane too!

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2 hours ago, LilZebra said:

Sure is. A sanatorium was a medical institution where people got treated for TB.  After TB was overcome, it got converted into today's St. Amant Centre.


I'm surprised at two things about this route:

1) It doesn't list St. Mary's Rd. or whatever major thoroughfare that is on the map.

2) It is a very short route.

This Sanatorium route has an interesting history. The bus-operated extension of the St. Mary's streetcar route was started by the Winnipeg Electric Company (WECo) in 1924. In 1932 the line was contracted by WECo to an area farmer to operate. Harry Henteleff (note Henteleff Park off St. Mary's Road north of Warde Avenue) initially called his service "St. Vital Bus Lines" but he began to expand to other routes and renamed it "Beaver Bus Lines". Henteleff gave the Sanatorium route back to WECo in 1949, a year after he took over the Winnipeg to Selkirk service from WECo. Henteleff sold Beaver Bus Lines to John Fehr in 1972. The Fehr family owns it today . Beaver Bus Lines gave up the Winnipeg--Selkirk route, its last scheduled public bus service, in 2016.

Here is a [badly cropped] image of Beaver's Sanatorium schedule date 03 January 1949:


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Salter trolleybus route, nice straight lines.

Salter bus route of today goes every which way once it gets out there.

Looking forward to Transit Master Plan  straightening out the routes.

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The St. Norbert bus became the Express Kings Park and Express St. Norbert on Feb. 17, 1974.

No, that doesn't sound right according to this ad. Express Kings Park initially and then some time later in the 70s Express St. Norbert. Note the feeder St. Norbert route that replaced the route operating to downtown.


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2 hours ago, DavidW said:

The Wednesday posting of old Winnipeg route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 eraSargent_Trolley_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf 418.53 kB · 1 download





By April 1960 Sargent-East Kildonan was down to about a month of trolleybus operation remaining; the last trolley runs were May 15 that year. That allowed the retirement of the prewar and wartime Macks and the one-off MCI 1532. Ironically, Sargent was Winnipeg's - and Western Canada's - first trolleybus route on November 21, 1938.

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The MTHA received a request for images of Winnipeg Transit's logo over the years.  Here's how I replied:

earlier Winnipeg Electric Company logo (1924 - ?)



later Winnipeg Electric Company logo (? - 1953)



Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission (1953 - 1961)



Metro Transit logo (1961 - 1971)



earlier City of Winnipeg Transit System logo (1972 - 1977?)



later Winnipeg Transit logo (1977 - present)



Did I miss any?

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12 minutes ago, Viafreak said:

The RT logo. Funny enough the eastbound stop at Graham/Donald still has the old RT routes listed on it.

I don't know about the eastbound stop, but I know the westbound stop does. Like come on WT, it's been 9 months since the 64, 160, 161, 163, 180 and 181 were abandoned, the 47, 65 and 66 were rerouted, and the BLUE was added!

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On 1/11/2021 at 9:37 PM, Isaac Williams said:

I don't know about the eastbound stop, but I know the westbound stop does. Like come on WT, it's been 9 months since the 64, 160, 161, 163, 180 and 181 were abandoned, the 47, 65 and 66 were rerouted, and the BLUE was added!

Sorry, I meant the westbound stop.


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