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Hi all,

With all the talk of refurbishing and developing the Griffintown neighborhood, a lot of people are interested in perhaps buying a condo in the area. But none of the promoters seem to other any clear indication as to what the city's plan for public transportation in Griffintown's future will be.

Aside from the, as of yet, phantom tramway that might one day climb Peel street from the Old Port, is anyone awake of other projects, like additional bus lines passing through the neighborhood? Along Bonaventure highway is fine and dandy, but there will be many developments west of there that might enjoy additional bus lines as well.

Any thoughts?

PS: I posted this image a while back. The extended Yellow Line might not be fantastic but I still think a Red Line passing through what's the densest residential area in the center of the island without close metro access (as well as the benefit of reducing the amount of people on the Orange line) could be extended down to Griffintown and perhaps further.

plan-metro 2011-05 with extensions.jpg

Just to clarify, when I spoke of the densest area without close metro access, I meant the Plateau/Rosemont area along St-Joseph towards the east.

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I don't find a need to move this because the core of the topic deals with Griffintown unless more people object.

I have made clear my position here and elsewhere. I am against a Old Montreal - Old Port - Downtown "tourist tram" when arteries like Côte-des-Neiges or Saint-Michel are so deserving of higher order transit. I want the tramway to serve the most people possible, not the least (see the ridership statistics of the 515 and you realize how laughable the concept of the Old Mtl/Port tramway idea is).

Let's be honest... how many people in this area are within a reasonable ten minute walk of the orange line... the majority or the minority?

I am glad that Jon-E brought up the topic of Griffintown because a related major project that seems to have gotten shelved was the Dalhousie corridor project whereby all buses from the South Shore to TCV would use this axis immediately adjacent to the CN tracks. Until they build the famous LRT to the South Shore linking downtown to Brossard via Nuns Island, there will still be hundreds of buses doing the same old shuttle... it should be interesting to observe the traffic patterns in the Griffintown surroundings once the Bonaventure is torn down north of the canal.

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