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Old Kitchener Transit Flyers 74X series

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I was wondering if anyone remembered these units. They had something almost like a spoiler on the roof at the back and the Detroit engines had a very deep bass sound to them. I always wondered why they sounded so different than the Flyers or GMs from the 70s. IIRC, they had the same 6V71 engines in them

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Pardon me for dredging up old threads, but I always remembered the 740-746 Flyers with the 'spoilers' on the back end. I think those were for A/C units if a transit company ordered the option (Kitchener Transit never did). And yes they did have a deeper, throaty sound than the 770-795 ones. Also the stop request cords were mounted high, above the windows (vs hung 3/4 up and across the windows in the 770-795 series) making it harder for kids like me to request to get off the bus.

A scan I found of 746 at the old Duke St Terminal in 1977...

746 Kitchener ON 1977.JPG

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