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CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch


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8 hours ago, School Bus 101 said:

One of the cars made it out to a field near Acme: 



Here's the answer to my inquiry from last year:

Probably going to end up taking a cab off one end and chopping one half even shorter beside door 2 and then putting the cab back on. So essentially creating a symmetrical mini train. 

Also going to be putting it on it's own wheels so we can tow it on the streets. 

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Just now, MTL66 said:

How often do the U2s run ATM and was line is the best to find them and where?

I was all around Calgary today and could not spot 1. Any pointers are welcome.

Its just completely random.  There was only one *known* consist out today, on the blue line, and it broke down not even halfway into its first trip into the downtown core.

Honestly, it seems as if the Blue Line gets the most U2s these days, but a consist will pop up on the red line fron time to time.

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1 hour ago, chills_on_the_train said:

Passed another U2 consist between Lions Park and SAIT. Did not see numbers. Feels like gearing up for Sept 1.

That would be 2061-2009-2082 consist as I gotten a photo of it on the red line this morning 


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