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CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

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2002 yesterday on a flatbed at 11 St & 24 Ave SE

Oh? Like this one?    (I went through all the necessary steps to acquire these parts through Calgary Transit)

I can just imagine what the doors in transitfanners houses will look like once the U2s are all retired....

Posted Images

U2 cab end. New old stock. This is compatible with the ETS cars as it doesn’t have the holes for the extra light fixtures near the destination sign. 

Sitting outside at Anderson awaiting..... not sure what. 




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Made a quick count of all existing U2 cars on CT property today. 


28 cars currently stored inside (including scout)

12 cars on the loop track outside (presumably next to be scrapped)





total cars 48

“Rumour” has it they will never see regular service again except for the unexpected spare consist going out worst case scenario. 

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There are two U2 cars parked outside OBMF as of yesterday evening that appear to be going for scrap - aka: Pantographs down, doors folded open... No idea what numbers as it's tough to read from the overpass at 70km/h.

Seriously wondering if U2's will ever make it back to regular revenue service...

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