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Greater Mankato Transit System


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I was down in the Mankato area yesterday and got a few photos of the MTS system. The fleet consists of ElDorado/Freightliner cutaways, Bluebird Ultra LF 35', and 2007-2009 Gillig BRTs. I don't think there are any Flxible Metros left. I didn't get any photos of the Gilligs since they were only on the MSU campus shuttles, and I didn't feel like getting off the bus I was riding around to take a photo and then wait an hour for the next one. I'm guessing the cutaways are pretty old, I didn't ride one but when the drivers shifted them into drive the engines sounded like junk. The two Bluebirds I rode were pretty nice, I'm guessing they were ordered separately as the interiors were different. probably 2004 or so I'm guessing. The photos I got aren't the greatest, the sun angles and the direction the buses were facing didn't work too well.

6288006022_7015eff6f6_t.jpg 6287485247_cb14702e5e_t.jpg 6288003804_28a2ec7658_t.jpg 6288001064_9bfb67bce5_t.jpg

Also a typical MTS bus stop sign: 6287486025_7d7c29dd2b_t.jpg

I also spotted an Orion II for the paratransit service when I was coming into town.

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I remember going down there back in 2006 and all I saw were some cutaways. They had pics of the Flxible Metro's in the bus schedules, but I didn't see those. Good to hear that they got Gillig BRT's, when I was down there someone told me that they were going to the more cutaway side of things.

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I believe the following are all the units operated by the Greater Mankato Transit System, as noted in their 10 year capital plan for 2013-2022:

VIN - Class - STIP Year - (My Translation)

4UZAAZDC05CU11605 - 500- 2017

4UZAAZDC44CM62362 - 500 -2015

1VH2B5D20Y6200191 - 600 - 2013

1VH2B5D22Y6200192 - 600 - 2014

15GGB2718C1180483 - 700 - 2022 (GILLIG LF 35' ISL 2012)

15GGD271591176572 - 700 - 2021 (GILLIG LF 40' ISL 2009)

15GGB2714A1177766 - 700 - 2021 (GILLIG LF 35' ISL 2010)

15GGB2716A1177767 - 700 - 2021 (GILLIG LF 35' ISL 2010)

15GGB2718A1177768 - 700 - 2022 (GILLIG LF 35' ISL 2010)

1N90349507A140258 - 700 - 2013 (Blue Bird Ultra LF 2008)

1BAGJBPA06W100377 - 700 - 0 (Blue Bird Ultra LF 2006)

1BAGJBPA26W100378 - 700 - 2013 (Blue Bird Ultra LF 2006)

1GF5ACVM1RD104943 - 700 - 0 (Flxible Metro)

4UZAAZDC24CM62361 - 500 - 2016

4UZAAZDC25CU11606 - 500 - 2017

4UZAAZDC45CU11607 - 500 - 2018

1FDXE40F1WHB97634 - 400 - 0

1GB6G5BL5B1180345 - 500 - 2018

The Class is refering to MNdot's transit vehicle class ranks, 400-cutaways 5 year, 500-cutaways 7 year, 600-medium duty purpose built bus with a 10 year expected life, 700 is the heavy-duty 12 year range. (I'm not sure why the Ultra LF are listed as 700, but then I've seen Gilligs and NFI listed as class 600 by other operators, so I guess they just do a lousy job of keeping tabs on the classing.) 0 year might be that the unit has already been replaced?

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I took advantage of the heat wave yesterday (Yeah, 40 degrees F!) and ventured down to Mankato for a few photos. Since my last visit the system was redesigned to have more frequent and more direct routes going to the major destinations (downtown, Mankato State U, River Hills Mall, and denser housing areas). Fleet wise I think they've added a couple more Gillig BRT. Paratransit has new ARBOC units. I also spotted a brand new ARBOC unit parked at the public works yard. I did not get a photo though as it was towards the back behind a fence with no trespassing signs. Fixed route service had the Frieghtliner/Areo Elite units on routes 3, 7, and 13. Route 2 had a 40' BRT, and route 6 had a 35' BRT. I did not go to the MSU campus but I assume route 1 had a Gillig as well. No Ultra LF, Flx Metro or other models were spotted. I was not there during their 'peak' period though, so I suppose they could have something else as well.

16384403361_188d1769d8_t.jpg 16385216562_0e294f6665_t.jpg 15763688704_a438eb51b4_t.jpg 16198727600_c5873693fa_t.jpg 16386139405_d9b0c7f1ff_t.jpg 16384403631_ccbdd19c9c_t.jpg

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