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Grand River Transit - Bus Stop Issues Tracker

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Alright, here's your opportunity to get in on the "LET'S FIX ALL OF GRT'S BUS STOPS" project. :P Seriously though, I am inviting all of the keen eyes in the public who use GRT and the GRT workforce to help straighten out our mish-mashed bus stop standards, signage issues, unsafe or uncomfortable passenger conditions at stops, signage errors, INIT inconsistencies and any other suggestions etc. etc. etc. etc.

I've had a really nifty tool recommended to me called 'Trello' and I've created a tracker for the various issues we have with GRT's bus stops. The goal is to identify any problems and requested changes, suggest the changes or corrections needed, and either forward the issues directly to the party's in charge OR add it to the next month's Operations meeting agenda where feasible.

This is where everyone can get involved and help out (this is YOUR transit system after all, time to take charge). As much as I'd like to be in all places at once the GRT system is simply too vast for me to go through all by myself, and keeping track of the various issues has been a challenge coming from a variety of people with duplicate issues arising, long threads in the forum to go through etc. etc....until now. I am asking anyone who wants to participate in this ongoing project to sort out the mess that we consider our bus stops across the system; and I say ongoing not because the initial task of collecting the list changes to be made will be daunting (although it will be), but because the GRT system is constantly in a state of flux (as is any transit system).

I've made the Issues Tracker 'public' meaning anyone can see it. You can view it here: Grand River Transit - Bus Stop Issues Tracker

How to participate...Simply check the issues list and if the issue doesn't already exist send me a Personal Message through the forum, e-mail me (if you have my e-mail) send me a tweet (see my signature below) or contact me by any other means that I have made available.

Issues on the tracker will be colour-coded as follows...

GREEN - BUS STOP SIGNAGE - These issues include: Incorrect or missing signage (eg. Someone pilfered my bus stop!), Errors on signage (eg. Missing or incorrect route numbers), incorrect position of the sign (the bus stop sign should ALWAYS be in line with where the front door of the first bus at the stop is...LOTS OF THESE OUT THERE, LOOK FOR THEM!), etc.

YELLOW - PASSENGER AMENITY ISSUES - These issues include anything that is related to bus shelters, benches, garbage cans, lighting (eg. a burnt out street light at a bus stop), errors in posted schedules, information display problems, outdated maps etc.

ORANGE - CHANGES IN BUS STOP LOCATIONS - These are suggestions/requests to add, remove or relocate bus stops for some reason or another (can be to facilitate better connections between routes, remove stops to close to other stops, safety issues or anything else).

RED - BUS STOP ENVIRONMENT - These issues include: incorrect parking signage around the bus stop (typically there is no signage at many bus stops at the moment; but if there is no parking signage it should indicate a clear 15m no parking zone ahead of and behind the bus stop...LOTS OF THESE OUT THERE, LOOK FOR THEM!), issues with trees at bus stops (eg. branches rubbing on the buses, branches obstructing view of the bus stop), safety issues at bus stops (uneven pavement, road shoulders or concrete pad etc.), etc.

BLUE - INIT ISSUES - These include any and all errors with the INIT system including: incorrect or inconsistent stop naming, incorrect or inconsistent stop call-outs and any other issues. These can be tricky, the goal here is to STANDARDIZE and MAKE CONSISTENT the display and call-out of all the stops (eg. 'Fischer-Hallman at Path' needs to be changed to 'Fischer-Hallman at Path to Laurel Gate' and the audio needs to match the display as well eg. displaying 'Davenport/Path to Anndale' and simply calling out 'Path to Anndale' is not acceptable either).

PURPLE - MISCELLANEOUS - Anything else that doesn't fit into the other categories including operational issues that may not be related directly to bus stops (the Operations Committee deals with other stuff too). If in doubt throw the issue at me and I'll see what I can do with it.

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