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Halifax (metro) Transit.

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1 hour ago, Debdeb18 said:

The Halifax Transit page in the wiki must be edited! So many changes recently, terminal wise and route wise. It’s nothing close to being right anymore.

I can fix it but I know next to nothing about Halifax Transit. If you PM me a laundry list of exactly what to change then i could be useful

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Schedule and Service Adjustments - Effective February 18th, 2019:

Route 21: Schedule adjustment on James Street (layover reduction)

Route 39: Additional weekday evening trip Lacewood-bound departing Bridge Terminal at 10:57pm

Route 123: Stops added along St. Margaret's Bay Rd. Route will no longer travel along Quinpool Rd - instead using Chebucto to Cunard to Robie to Bell (reverse in PM)

Route 194: Inbound trips will now turn left on Broad St. instead of right. Outbound trips turn right at the first entrance to Broad St. then right on Gary Martin. In addition, the express section will now utilize Dunbrack St. through Clayton Park.

Route 330: Outbound trips will now access Gottingen St. from Duke St. instead of North St.

Alderney Ferry: Holiday service added on Easter Sunday. 

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Two new updates. First is the 2018/19 Q2 Performance Measures Report:

https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/transportation/halifax-transit/Halifax Transit - 2018-2019 Q2 Performance Measures Report.pdf

System-wide boardings are up 4.1% from the same quarter a year ago, though the extra transfers from the Lacewood area adjustments can account for some of that. Ferry boardings have declined 10% from last year, but are still quite a bit higher than the levels pre-Big Lift. Notable are the ridership numbers by route - many of the altered routes show a noticeable increase in riders (Route 3 vs. the old 52; Route 4 vs. the old 17, 18 and 42; Route 39 vs. the old 16), and many of the new routes have decent-to-good passenger per hour counts (with the 28 doing quite well in particular). But more importantly...

https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/transportation/halifax-transit/Halifax Transit - 2019-2020 Annual Service Plan (Proposed).pdf

...the proposed 2019/20 Service Plan is out. This year's focus is the overhaul of routing in the Sackville area, with some changes also planned in Burnside and Purcell's Cove areas too.

Proposed 2019/20 Route and Schedule Adjustments:

Group A:

Route 90: Route extended on Larry Uteck to service West Bedford

Route 86: Renumbered to NEW Route 196 Basinview Express with the same service levels. May have service levels adjusted in future years.


Group B:

(NEW) Route 8: Replaces Route 80, using the same routing at Corridor levels of service

Routes 64 + 66: Route 66 to end at Highfield Terminal (no service to Burnside or Cobequid). Route 64 routing adjusted to service areas removed from Route 66.

(NEW) Routes 82/182: Service between Sackville and Cobequid Terminals via First Lake Dr. Peak express service to/from Downtown. Replaces section of current Route 82.

(NEW) Routes 83/183: Expanded service to Springfield Estates and other areas in Middle Sackville. Peak express service to/from Downtown. Replaces current Route 83.

Route 84: Upgraded to conventional route - provides 7 day a week service along its existing route (Scotia Square to Sackville Terminal). No service to/from Summer St.

(NEW) Routes 85/185: Provides service between Millwood subdivision and Sackville Terminal. Peak express service to/from Downtown. Replaces section of current Route 82. Current Routes 85 and 185 completely discontinued.

(NEW) Routes 86/186: Provides service between Sackville Terminal and Kinsac Rd. off Beaverbank Rd. Peak express service to/from Downtown. Replaces current Route 400.

Route 87: Re-routed to use Sackville Dr. between Sackville and Cobequid Terminals. Also replaces section of Route 66 removed from Bedford/Burnside.

Route 88: Re-routed to use Old Sackville Rd. between Sackville and Cobequid Terminals. Will have increased service compared to the current route.


Group C

Route 89: Discontinued

(NEW) Route 91: Services West Bedford and Hemlock Ravine to Mumford Terminal. No service to/from Downtown Replaces existing Route 81.

(NEW) Route 93: Service between Bedford and Downtown via the Bedford Highway.


Group D

(NEW) Route 25: Provides service between Governor's Brook and Mumford Terminal. Replaces off-peak and weekend service provided by current Route 15.

(NEW) Route 26: Provides service between Springvale and Mumford Terminal. No service to/from Downtown. Replaces current Route 5.

(NEW) Route 415: Provides weekday peak service between York Redoubt and Mumford Terminal. No service to Bayers Road Centre. Replaces current Route 15.


Other Adjustments:

Route 29: Adjusted in the outbound direction to not enter Mumford Terminal. Route will stop on Mumford Road.

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Halifax recently issued a tender for up to 150 40' buses over a 3 year period. Nova Bus is the winner of the most recent contract, and 35 Nova LFS buses will be delivered this year. There is also a recommendation to purchase up to 87 Nova LFS buses in 2021-2022 pending budget approval.


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On 7/23/2020 at 8:32 PM, FredMaple said:

Halifax Transit 526 changed livery scheme from MetroX to Airport Express and was exposed today





I found that the buses had a hard time maintaining speed on the highway on the way to the airport, in the past.  Is this still the case? 

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10 hours ago, Shaun said:

I found that the buses had a hard time maintaining speed on the highway on the way to the airport, in the past.  Is this still the case? 

I rode 526 on July 24 and I felt it performed well. Both Hwy 118 and Hwy 102 Northbound have some elevation increase, it's always cause large vehicles slow down.

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