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Halifax (metro) Transit.

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I think one hurdle to a historic fleet in NS is that the Utility and Review Board would require the buses pass the standard safety inspections (the same inspection criteria that pulled them off the road) if they were still registered as commercial vehicles and able to carry passengers. They wouldn't make an exception even if the passengers were carried free of charge. So asking Halifax Transit to rebuild a bus that won't contribute to the revenues is probably a lost cause.

The URB rules go a bit too far at times. A good example is how the newest buses in the fleet were driven here on temp plates, then towed to/from the shop that applied the new wrap, just because the URB inspections weren't yet done. It would have been cheaper to get an in-transit plate and let a mechanic drive them over.

And its too late for the Classic Artics, there weren't any remnants at the scrap yard during my last visit.


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Morning folks, long time lurker .. first time posting.

I've applied to this most recent round of hiring, and have testing scheduled for later this month. Wondering if I can get feedback from the drivers who frequent this thread:

Do you enjoy your work?

Do your coworkers enjoy their work? Generally, is the atmosphere a positive one?

Do new drivers select their garage? Living in Dartmouth, Burnside would be a very quick commute.

What does a new operators schedule look like?

How long can a new operator expect to be on a spareboard, or move from route to route, before they have the seniority to pick something more predictable?

What opportunities exist for operators who wish to move into other parts of the organisation? (Supervisor, Dispatcher)

Thanks all

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Wilson Hum has reported our first D30LF retirement - 506 has had its engine and other parts removed. I didn't actually know that it had been damaged in a fatal head-on last fall, but I guess HT decided it wasn't worth fixing.



And now, in the "Didn't Think I'd See This Too Often" category, here's 1145 running the 320 MetroX route:


I can also confirm sightings of 1078 and 1102 in the Bold Attitude scheme - which makes 1102 the first of the '06-'09 D40LFs to get the treatment.

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I've been seeing more D40LFs than D30LFs on the community transit runs lately anyway, perhaps this is why. I thought they were using one of the MetroX cutaways on the Sambro service?

I never spent much time on 506, it was 507 that I nearly lived on for a few years when I took the Porter's Lake run...

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A few sightings today:

- I guess 983 wasn't retired just yet after all, as I saw it finishing a run at Scotia Square this morning (probably a 20 or 81, but it already read Out of Service when I saw it go by)

- Add 1080 to the list of units with the new scheme. Saw it running on the 7 Robie this afternoon.

- Buses servicing the Woodside Ferry Terminal now have to pull up to the bays that have been there forever. The 60 services the one closest to the terminal building, the 57 in the next one, and the 78 and 79 have the third one. It also means we get our first look at Halifax Transit's new stop signs (wish I had a pic, because they actually aren't too bad looking...)

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Yes that is a difference when the Sambro service first started it was a Cutaway borrowed from the 330. Since the end of Aug 2010 when Ragged Lake opened it has been a a bus our of Burnside. The Cutaways have been at Ragged Lake since that time.

Also of note that starting mid November all of the classics left at Burnside( two or three I think) will be moved to Ragged Lake. Where they will spend the rest of their days till retirement.

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Well the interior renovations on the Dartmouth ferry terminal are mostly complete, and have been for a couple of weeks now. It looks really good, very modern. Shame Tim Hortons wasn't forced to renovate though.

The washrooms though... not sure if anyone noticed or not. Instead of the traditional men/women signs, they have large etched silouettes in the frosted glass panes in front of the doors... it took me a while to figure it out but the male figure is wearing a big sou'wester, and the female is wearing big rubber boots. Nothing like embracing regional stereotypes... I actually find it pretty tacky and a bit embarassing.

Anyway they've apparently started now today on the exterior, specifically the floating pontoon dock. They've got a big floating crane out there today removing the large wing-like structures that cover the loading areas. Not sure what the plans are, but they were in pretty poor shape.

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Wilsom Hum reports that 948 is officially retired, leaving 949 as the last MCI Classic in the fleet. He also noted that 979 may be next as they're waiting to see if they'll repair it or just retire it.

We're down to just 16 or 17 Classics left - all running out of Ragged Lake, so ride 'em while you still can...

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The city has announced the six potential names for the new ferry:

Craig Blake

Vincent Coleman

Walter Fitzgerald

Ruth Goldbloom

Raymond Taavel

Maxine Tynes

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm voting for Coleman. I mean, he was only immortalized in one of the most iconic Canadian Heritage Minutes of all time, though I could see any of them winning.

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I've had a couple chances over the last few weeks to ride 600 now that it's been taken off BRT duty. With people frequently getting on and off, those seats really do prove to be an inconvenience more than a comfort...

I am curious to what you mean by this ?

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He's probably referring to the high-back coach seating that is more difficult to squeeze past for someone sitting in the window seat now that the bus is being used on regular routes. I don't understand why transit doesn't pull the seating out of a scrap bus and make a few modifications to install in #600.

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