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In a photo taken within the environs of Savannah, Georgia earlier this year we see fleet # 0002 - a 1998 Motor Coach Industries Model MC-12 and one of two operating for the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System.

Donated to the district by First Student Corporation, the buses have been completely refurbished both inside and out and are cosmetically and mechanically like new.

# 0002 is ex Greyhound # 3095 and one of 1354 MC-12's built exclusively for that company between 1991 and 1998 with most being assigned to Pool # 263 (all 48 states operation).

Still a very hansom looking coach even by today's standards!

Photo by Bob Vahn of eBay - Item # 180722678912

Mr. Linsky - Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, New York

Brentwood, Ca. office


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It's too bad we don't have these anymore. Once First Student was booted out as our school bus contractor, we switched over to MV/Reliant Transportation to take over the duties. They quit last SY (August 2015-May 2016) and now SCCPSS has brought the school transportation in house. 

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