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2400... First Revenue Run

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The Powertrain is a Volvo D13 Engine with an Allison B500R Gen IV. These buses have Aesys signs.

We have interior photos on ttmg.org @ www.ttmg.org/pages/volvo/nymta-prevostb.html

Thanks very nice interior. Do the seats at the rear recline?

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Thanks for posting those shots!

Having that destination sign on the interior is a little odd, but I'm glad they took that into account when programming so nothing will be obstructed in the middle. (Except for TRAINING BUS, which is a little messed)

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Great Shots of Prevosts X3-45, I like that buses! The engine Volvo D13 is the first to be implanted in New York Buses, instead of Cummins and Detroit Diesel (or even Caterpillar) engines! :)

But the Aesys displays doesn't give the importance thah Hanover displays give to the bus.

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