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CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

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4 hours ago, Pantograf said:

For the record, car 2461 was delivered today.

That's the second one that arrived without a wrap on it right? I seen it making its way to haysbro yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m.

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1 hour ago, Nick B said:

So to clarify, up until what car number is currently on order?

Car 2454 is part of the first order (2401-2463). Car 2464 is the first car of the second order (2464 -2469). There was going to be a gap in delivery between the 1st and 2nd order but the delays kinda bridged that gap. 😎

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19 minutes ago, chills_on_the_train said:

I've been out of town much of this month but over the past couple days I'm suddenly noticing a lot fewer U2s and a lot more S200s in service. Feels like a tipping point has been passed.

You are correct. We have more s200 then U2s. The U2s will be the minority of the fleet soon.

Check out the U2 retirement watch section I posted some pretty cool stuff there yesterday.

Currently 7 U2s sidelined at OBMF

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