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What song is currently stuck in your head?


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"Not there yet" - Hollowick

I wish I want to record a highway music video featuring that song. To be honest, I don't drive, but I let someone do the driving for me, while I film. I could imagine if I could film along the Autoroute 20 in the West Island of Montreal or around Autoroute 50 in Gatineau, just before you exit towards Maloney Blvd. and then you end at the Gréber and Maloney intersection......

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Everytime I see Grapejuice on this board... Nelly's "Pimp Juice" just pops up in mah head every. Signle. Time. :(

"I'm in that, two thousand n' four, Orion DeVille..

With the red seats, painted red steel on my wheel"

"Now my hybrid.. clean as a whistle (yeah) sharp as them planes (nuh-uh)

In anythang from Flemingdon to Staines"

Now listen...I see the fare evaders (ooh) like they gonna get caned..(whaat)

And uhh...I see Eggy West ladies (ooh) lookin' sexy wid their braids.

"Cause you wanna put your feet on my bus, don't cha?

I see you really wanna put your feet on my bus, don't cha?"

Okay... I'm gone to ribfest. :rage:

If you see this, GJ, pop yo' colla, lol.

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